Looking Forward to October

27th September 2015

Atlanta may have done its best Portland impression this weekend, but at least the temperature is giving a hint of what’s to come in the next few days…October.

jake mountain

I’m not alone in this excitement, a 2005 poll by Gallup asked Americans for their favorite month of the year and October was only bested by May (I’ll attribute that to our Northeastern friends). Despite popular belief, there is more to October than pumpkin spiced things (though picking pumpkins is on the list).  I’ve already made a solid list of October activities for P, so sharing the highlights here seems like a good place to start.

What to look forward to in October in Atlanta

1. The Spirit of Oakland

I have a thing for visiting Oakland Cemetery any season of the year, but their annual Halloween tours are a must. The tour is historical, having volunteers dress up as “residents” to share their stories and their contribution to Atlanta history. There’s also beer, wine and live music. Tickets sell out fast (they go on sale in July), but you may still be able to snag a last minute spot if you jump on it.

spirit of oakland

 2. Trail running

There are plenty of great places to get off of the asphalt and into the dirt around the city, but Cochran Shoals along the Chattahoochee is my personal favorite. Take the gravel path around to mile two and head up into the MTB trails. They’re largely single track, so play nice, leaving the headphones at home and running opposite the daily traffic for bikes.

Bonus: while no longer open to the public on weekends, if you’re nearby on a weekday, swing over to the Chattahoochee Coffee Company riverside location, easily the most relaxing spot in the city.

chattahoochee coffee company

 3. Pumpkins (not the latte version)

I’ve been going to Burt’s since I was a kid and we still make the trek every year. Sure, they’re pricer than Kroger, but can you take a hay ride at Kroger? Expect crowds and don’t sit on the pumpkins for your selfie. With endless hiking trails nearby, it’s easy to make a day out of it.

Amicalola falls is right around the corner, and while beautiful, it’s always a little too crowded for our taste. Check out Jake and Bull Mountain as nearby alternatives. Both are more MTB focused, but offer great hiking options too.

burts farm

 4. Hocus Pocus

I confess, I already gave in on this one along with the candy corn that was purchased in August. #sorrynotsorry. Do yourself a favor and order the DVD. Money well spent.

hocus pocus

If you’re looking for more October-ness, we’re also embarking on gourd season. So there’s that.

October, let’s do this.

Being a White is pretty great.

Going Digital: changing your name in social media

17th September 2015

You might have noticed a few changes around here. It only took ten months, but I can officially check another item off of the name change list: this website (and Instagram and Twitter).

People can complain about the lines at the DMV and the Social Security office all day long, but I’m here to tell you, after getting married, changing your name in the digital world is infinitely more agonizing. Especially when you go from a Dennihy (hello no competition) to a White. While I’m loving my new last name and all the perks that come with it, defining a new digital identity has been no easy task.

Being a White is pretty great.

Becoming a White was pretty great. Here’s to digitzing it.

Today, I’m moving over to KaitlynWhite.com and blogging under a new header as well: A Great White Adventure. When I started this blog, it was a requirement of my job. If you scroll way, way back, you might find a few posts describing my thoughts on the social media universe as a result. Like this one.

Why I made the switch

Over time, my thoughts changed from the occasional post about life in the real world, to sharing the everyday surprises and adventures that I love most. So much so that #AGreatWhiteAdventure was even the hashtag at our wedding (another detail I put far more consideration towards than the average human should). Although I’m still working on finding my blogging voice, I’m certain that turning everyday into a curious, unexplored, figuring it out one step at a time adventure is exactly where I want to be.

How to change your name. AKA, I should change my name there too?

Guys, when I say this was more painful than the DMV, I am not kidding. Especially when there was no line at the DMV (that really happened). I’m a big believer in creating and maintaining your personal brand, even more so when your job nearly depends on it. I went back and forth for a long time, do I keep the consistency and name recognition of my online identity? Or do I risk losing some of that clout and go for consistency in the real world?

This has to be a personal decision on what’s best for you, there is no manual (surprise). I am all for people who keep their professional and personal names separated, but for me, the positives didn’t outweigh the negatives.

After ten months of thinking on it, real world won.

My job requires me to meet new people on a regular basis as well as speak in front of the unknown audience from time to time. It’s a lot of fun and so is introducing myself. When someone goes to find me online, that doesn’t always match up. Considering I’m in this White thing for the long haul, it started to make more and more sense.

OK, so how do I make this happen?

Funny you ask. Here’s a handy little chart. Enjoy!

After getting married: changing your name in social media


#ClassPassChallenge: Complete

1st September 2015

I’m on month four with ClassPass and while there are hundreds of classes available in Atlanta, it didn’t take long to become guilty of falling into a routine with a handful of favorite studios 🙈. So when my friend Kate shared that ClassPass was challenging members to try out ten new studios before Labor Day, I was more than up for the test. Finding out that there was a trip to Wanderlust 108 on the line was icing on the cake.

The start and finish faces of #ClassPassChallenge

The start and finish faces of #ClassPassChallenge

This past week we finished our tenth class, officially completing the challenge. Looking back through my account, I have been to 24 different fitness studios since joining ClassPass in May. Before ClassPass I had not been to a class regularly since UGA spin, so that alone is pretty impressive for this runner girl.

Since July, we’ve done everything from try our best ballerina at Dance 101, practice patience with 90 minute yoga at Active Sol Yoga, kick out Monday aggression with kickboxing at Blueprint Fitness and even gave our best Cirque Du Soleil performance with a silks class at Atlanta Kick.


In order to participate in #ClassPassChallenge, we we’re required to Tweet or Instagram proof of each class with a photo. At the time, I was incredibly embarrassed (all ten times), but now it affords this sweet collage (and a takeover of my Twitter feed).

If you’re starting out with ClassPass, looking for a new studio or simply want to keep from falling into a fitness routine, use the map above for a recap of what I took on this summer with #ClassPassChallenge. Google, you never cease to amaze me. If I really have my act together, maybe I’ll keep this updated.

PS still interested in checking out ClassPass? Here’s my shameless plug for $10 off for you and $10 for me. Sign up with this link and we both win.