16th September 2013

It is with a heavy heart I try to wrap my head around news I received today. At 25, I expect to hear about weddings, babies or promotions. But today, I heard of a former cheerleading teammate who is now battling cancer. 

At 25, cancer should never enter our realm of thought. I’ve lost three of my four grandparents to this awful disease, watched as friends’ parents have fought, survived and lost battles and celebrated with others who have become stronger than ever.

I came home today, looked through countless photos and did the only thing I knew would clear my mind and bring it back to a positive place. I went for a run. Our bodies are born to do amazing things. To carry us for miles across pavement, to do triple toe backs and to fight. We are born to stand up to disease, trust in our faith and know that it will all be OK.

Katie is one of the most energetic, caring and positive people I know. She has quite literally held me in the air; shown me what confidence and kindness look like, whether that be after taking first place or fighting back from last; and now she has quite the cheerleading team by her side.

If today teaches anything, it’s that there are a heck of a group of people out there fighting for the exact same joy.


You’ve got this girl.

  • Heather

    I’m so sorry to learn about your friend battling cancer. It is so scary how cancer truly affects everyone. My name is Heather and I was hoping you would be willing to answer a quick question about your blog! If you could please email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com I would greatly appreciate it! 🙂