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Leaving a job for the first time

26th January 2015

“There are no happy endings.
Endings are the saddest part,
So just give me a happy middle
And a very happy start.” – Every Thing On It 

Leave it to Shel Silverstein to be the only way I can sum up the bittersweet-ness that is saying goodbye. Friday was my last day at Moxie. It was also the first time I’ve ever truly “left” a job. Whew. Even typing that still pangs my in my heart a bit – even after spending the last three weeks knowing the date was on the calendar.

Big girl milestones over here.

After quite a few internships, I started at Engauge (which would later become Moxie) still nearly fresh out of college. So while I’ve had the chance to say my fair share of goodbyes, this one carries with it an entirely different feeling. A few to be exact.

Thankful to have had the chance to work for a company where my voice was heard and elevated in ways I never thought possible. I’ve learned to raise my hand and ask for the projects I want – then dive in and work my butt off.

Humbled to know that no one has all of the answers – no matter how much experience you may think you bring to the table. I’ve learned to ask questions and lean into the incredibly smart people around me, absorbing as much as they will let me.

Gumption to stay energized, open minded and realize the ideas that change our course rarely present themselves in a wave of brilliance. I’ve learned to hang on, to make it a habit of supporting others before myself and to offer a lending hand as quickly as it’s been given.

So here’s to another very happy start, because this past one is going to be pretty hard to top.

A new adventure. A new comfort zone. And a new color that sadly, isn’t orange. More to come.


The best wedding registry yet

1st October 2014

After a quick trip to Lenox today to pick up some reception decor and try our hand at narrowing down mom’s MOB dress options, I have big news that it seems the world needs to hear.

Anthropolgie now offers wedding registries.


After years of threatening to move into the store, this feels like a fair enough compromise.

P is thrilled, as am I. Perhaps our home will be filled with girly cookbooks and delicate plates after all.

Has anyone else had success with smaller store registries? Worth mixing it up with the big boxes or a skip? I’d love opinions.


We bought a HOUSE!

29th August 2013

August has been quite the busy month, I turned 25, spent some great time with family (and an adventure or two in-between) in Charleston and in the most recent and most exciting news…P and I BOUGHT A HOUSE!house_P_K

We’ve been dreaming of owning something for a little over a year now and started more seriously looking early this summer with a vision of learning about the process, taking a look at neighborhoods, putting together a must-have list and making a move on something later this fall. My lease isn’t up until just after the new year and my current roommate and I just aren’t quite ready to say our goodbyes, so on paper, our charted plan sounded fantastic.

But then we found ourselves narrowing the list and neighborhoods rather quickly…

And then the housing market seemed to pick up over night…

And then we walked into a little house, that didn’t meet half of the things on our list and we fell in love.

As first time homebuyers, it was certainly a roller caster of emotions.

Phase One: Where the heck do we even begin?!

With a realtor. We have always been big Trulia fans (I even have it to thank for finding my last apartment), but when it came time to actually look beyond open houses, Chris from Coldwell Banker became our BFF.

Thanks to some searching online, we calculated approximately how much we wanted to spend each month and how much we were comfortable putting as a down payment.

We also had a rough idea of a few neighborhoods we really liked, so narrowing everything with those parameters made the first few conversations a breeze.

From there, we spent the next few months casually checking out houses as they came on the market. There were no stupid questions in Chris’ eyes and boy were we over the moon thankful for her non-judging ears.

Phase Two: Can we really do this? Are we even capable of owning a home?

Yes we can, stop freaking out. That was pretty much my mantra, or P’s to me, as the searches got closer. We even saw one house we both really liked, which was quickly shot down by our stand-in Home Inspectors, also known as both of our Dads. Seriously, does everyone’s Dad climb on the roof of a house the first time they see it?!

As we learned more about the process and started falling in love with actual streets, it really started to sink in that yes, this is not House Hunters and yes, we were going to find a house and yes, I would be parting with a big chunk of my dear savings account.

Phase Three: This is it.

Our house went on the market on a Friday, we saw it early Saturday (after a canoe trip and in our bathing suits) and put together an offer in the car just down the street. Hey, when you know you know right?

This little guy captured my heart from its sparkly glass window in the front door all the way to its walk in master closet (anyone who owns a home built mid-1900s knows this is a miracle, aka an addition).

From the moment we put in the offer, we were terrified. I thought I might throw up. After a sleepless two nights and two counters (one on each side) we were under contract by Monday morning. Until closing, I was still convinced someone would swoop in and take it from us.

Phase Four: That costs HOW much?

I’m not one for spending money. I’m a saver to my core. When my brother was spending all of his money on Lego sets, I was saving my dollars in my piggy bank, with statements written on paper inside. So needless to say, this process was slightly gut-wrenching.

We knew going in that we wanted to keep our monthly payments very manageable (and with the opportunity to put more towards the principal monthly when it allows) and walk away with a cushion in other accounts, were anything to happen in the future.

The little costs certainly caught us a bit off guard, so we were glad we were prepared. Appraisal fee, inspection fee and knowing that we would end up paying a portion of our closing costs. We went with a mortgage broker and she made the process a breeze, explaining everything line-by-line, which again, we appreciated more than she’ll ever know.

After singing names a bajillion times and handing over more money in one sitting than we likely ever will again, we were approved homeowners. At least now we are on to the fun furnishings part (oh hey Craigslist).

Phase Five: Happy dancing.

There was a lot of happy dancing this week. While it may be a few months before I call this little guy home  (and have to move in with a BOY), we are officially, official homeowners.

Excited, overwhelmed, curious, happy, tired, nervous, blessed, thankful…the range of emotions is endless, but it’s a roller coaster I’m not ready to get off anytime soon.